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Pardon me, Subbu Sir,

Shri Subbu Sir seems to have erred for once : Subbu Sir in Chat n Chat column at 11.25 on 12-10-15 : I fully understand CHM (shouldn't it be SN?) for the first time. His well wishes for an employed d in law (daughter) and unemployed (under employed) son is in tune with virtual reality. We pensioners depend more on the grace of a d in law (daughter) than on son (son in law). Words in the brackets are of SN.

Mrs and Mr. X were overwhelmed with joy when they got a D-in-L, employed in a PSB, thirty five years ago.Two grand children employed in IT in silicon city. Mom still in service.

Shri Subbu Sir's remarks may be more or equally appropriate to an AOP, ex.LRO, योगक्षेमं वहाम्यहम्” and to Mrs and Mr. X. Touch wood.

Good day. Good bye.


Mr Subbu's query on pensioners' mortality‏

12-10-15, 09:25 PM  

subbu: CHM's statistics are baffling. Is it that rate of mortality of pre-97 pensioners is higher than post-97 pensioners? I am not talking about the number, but the velocity and acceleration with which they approach Heaven to get speedy justice


Obviously the mortality of  the pre-August 1997 retirees is higher as currently the surviving pensioners will be in the range of 76 to 89 years ( including eligible pensioners from the erstwhile insurers ).

They are definitely a group of higher average age, as all of them have come under the  LIC Pension Scheme at a time from 1/11/1993 after the notification issued on 28/6/1995.

The age span of post- July 1997 retirees is 63 to 78 yrs (reckoning retirements upto 31/7/2012). Definitely, the  mortality  of the latter group will not only be lower due to lower ages compared to the former, but also the mortality trend will be more stable as these  retirees enter the scheme  from the date of retirement

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​Group Medical Insurance Scheme of Indian Banks' Association​ for retired employees

    Please see the attached circular issued by Indian Banks' Association
 - reproduced by All India Bank Employees' Association

2.Family Pensioners / Widows / Widowers of 
Retired Employees eligible to join 
the Group Medical Insurance Scheme - clarified IBA 
and the Insurance Company​


Yours sincerely,
General Secretary



12 Oct 15, 11:13 AM


Girija Madam ! In this blog, on the right side, if you scroll down, you will find pension rules (under the head PAGES). you may click and read in full before putting your pen on VRS letter. Normally, the benefits are settled with before date of your being relieved, as in the case of south zone. Qualifying service for full pension is 33 years, as otherwise, proportionate pension is only payable. How basic pension is fixed and what will be total pension including DA, you may contact Manager OS of your Division. You may also contact officials of the union to which you belong to. Normally, union office bearers are in OS Dept with a kind heart and a receptive ear advise you taking your concerns into consideration.

My own suggestion is why not u apply for a transfer to your native place where you can always find some Branch. May Lord Guruvayurappan provide you with GOOD LUCK. All the best.

Comments on Adv.Pradeepkumar's article

12 Oct 15, 09:06 AM 

sudhakaran: Adv. NPK forgets that Nakara's case is basically about the 'Revised formula for computation of pension'. In the case of LIC, GIC and banks, formula is same, average of last 10 months basic.


" Retirement - will you guide? " Asks Smt.Girija.N.Nair. ( PC : 12-10-2015 )

  • At the outset, I would like to tell daughters and daughters- in- law not to quit their (cushy/lucrative) jobs till their final date of retirement at 60 : as there are (as long as there are) sons and sons-in-law unemployed or underemployed ! Days are hard. 

It is good and touchy to know that Smt.Nair wants to retire to look after her aged parents. Travelling to and fro office and home by crowded trains and by buses caught in traffic jams in Mumbai/ New Mumbai is getting worse day by day.

Her queries (some of them innocent) are answered below :

1 and 2 : If she opts for voluntary retirement now, will her son lose any chance of getting a job in LIC if the Management (GOI) decides to give employment to children of employee retiring? If so, well and good. She knows better than many others that her sister-in-law got a job in LIC fighting in the SC - with the support of serving employees - against the Management's wrong decisions.

Retirement on superannuation and voluntarily are treated at par. She may (will) not have to seek SC's intervention. 

3.She may await pay revision due from 01-08-2012 to know what would be her exact pension. Wage revision likely shortly. Meantime, she may refer to wage revision chart of bank employees to know her approximate revised pay. (She may go to All Banking Solutions. Com).

4. Smt. Nair has not mentioned her age or date of birth. She may please see Para.19 of Broken Period of less than one year..Chapter IV [she will complete 26 years 6 months service on 06-01-2016. Reckoned as 27 years service] and Para.31(5)&(6) of Pension on Voluntary Retirement..Chapter V of LIC of India (Employees) Pension Rules. 1995 _ {adding maximum 5 years subject to conditions} to know more on her doubts.

5. She may 'continue' to avail of IT benefits, every year, as provided in the Finance Bill, to save on tax after retirement.

6. There are many things in pipe line/ liquid : updation of pension, enhancement in family pension, 20 years qualifying service for full pension etc. 

It is better to weigh the pros and cons before call it,'Quit'

SN ( a 1992 Pensioner )


Retirement - will you guide ?

Dear Sir,

I got stumbled upon this website when I searched Google for information on retirement benefits when an employee retires.

Sir, I am working as an assistant in Navi Mumbai since 6th July,1989 (approximately completed 26 and half year).  Suppose I am planning to put up my request for retirement tomorrow, what are implications which may affect adversely as far as retirement benefits and pension is concerned. This is since some are of the opinion that one should work for at least 28 years to avail maximum benefit. I am not having any knowledge about all these calculations but wanted to discontinue working due to some long distance travelling and also to take care of my aged parents.

Kindly advise me so that I can act wisely. The following points are also coming to my mind to be clarified.

1. If I opt for retirement whether my son will  lose any chance of getting a Job in LIC against any  benefits in the pipeline to get employment to children of employee retiring?
2. By not completing the full period of service till 60 years, whether benefits are lost?
3.What will be the approximate pension I may get if I retire now.
4.What is the maximum time taken to get the full amount as retirement benefit?
5.Any Income Tax implications to be taken care?
6.Any other points to get worried about if retiring now.

In fact my sister in law was also working in LIC-Palghat may be around 15 years ago when we lost her in surgical operation at a Hospital there. In fact she got job in LIC fighting against managements wrong decisions and won a case with the support of LIC employees at Supreme court against management. 

Thanks & Regards

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Inference is yours

10 Oct 15, 10:31 PM

B.R.Mehta: A Top AIIEA Leader while addressing their members at chandigarh quite recently tells that AIIEA will fight for pension after current wage revision.

10 Oct 15, 10:38 PM

subbu: There was a garland in the operation theatre. For what ? Feverishly, the patient's wife asked. 

If the operation is successful, the surgeon will wear it and come out vertical. Otherwise, your husband will wear it and come out horizontal, explained the Surgeon's deputy. 

The Surgeon will fight for your husband's life, don't worry, as long as he lives, the deputy further explained. 

I won't say that this is in reply to BR Mehta sir. 

Big Salute to SN !

10 Oct 15, 08:39 PM

G. Naryanaswamy: 

The painstaking analysis by SN deserves all praise. The "tyranny of rule-making powers" of bureaucracy is nothing new. In Britain, they found some years ago, it defeats the very purpose of legislation.


My Big Salute to SN 1992 Pensioner for really educative post reg pension updation on your blog just today. 



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Subbu's comments !

10 Oct 15, 07:13 PM
subbu: On seeing this cartoon, in my absence,

my fair lady awaits me with a broomstick on her hand,"Now, I know why you regularly go for a walk every day!!"

SN Sir ! U R a 1992 pensioner! That means u r now possibly 83 or 81 (if u retired at 58!) . If I could only know your cell number, I would like to know what else pastime u have apart from culling out the whale from the unseen depths of Govt files . Your exercise, I believe, will never go waste. Let the Lord give u peace of mind. Amen.

(Editor knows only his email id.  The Cartoon in question was forwarded to us by SN. -Ed.)


This refers to " Pension Updation- A View "- an insight into the vexed issue of Rules/ Regulations of of RBI, Banks and LIC - enabling or not enabling grant of updation of pension etc. on their own. (PC : 01-10-2015)

Dr. Bimal Jalan, former Governor of RBI, granted Updation of pension to pre November, 1997 pensioners: RBI strongly feels and affirms that Regulation 5 of RBI Pension Regulations, 1990 enables it (the Bank) to grant pension updation on its own. It's wordings are clear and not ambiguous. But, MOF, GOI does not think so and does not agree.

RBI Pension Regulations, 1990 are framed based on CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 etc. and with the previous sanction of GOI. The Government approved some time back (Jan. 2013) for enhancement of family pension to 30% of a ' stepped up pay ' to 2836 index and 20 years of qualifying service for full pension from the date of GOI Gazette Notification. In other words, GOI wants an amendment to Pension Regulations for updating of pension. But, not willing to accept the genuine demand of updation of pension with every pay revision once in five years viz. w.e.f. 1st November,2002, 2007,2012..

The bureaucracy at the Centre considers all other organisations / institutions, autonomous or otherwise, subordinate to it. They play all kinds of games to trap and overrule the submissive. It is learnt that they want the RBI pensioners to accept updation of pension from 01-11-2012, in a ' diluted form'. Reportedly, pensioners,by and large, are ready : better to get some thing than nothing- is not a wrong dictum!

Wonder, why then the MOF not agreeing to grant 'the pittance' by 'merrily' issuing an 'executive order' - notification - to pacify a section of pensioners?

Fortunately, the GOI pensioners have not fallen a pray to MOF bureaucracy/ gimmicks. They. till date, fight to win.

Let us go back to 5 CPC days. What GOI did? Did they amend the pension rules before granting updation of pension and family pension ?

GOI granted updation of pension and 100% DR to pre 1996 pensioners without "Amending" their CCS(Pension) Rules, 1972. Paragraph 12 of Office Memorandum F.No.45/86/97-P & PW(A)-Part I dated 27th October. 1997 of GOI. Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances& Pensions, New Delhi sanctioning updation of pension says as under :

Formal amendments to CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 and CCS (Commutation of Pension) Rules, 1981 in terms of the decisions contained in this order will issue in due course. Provisions of the CCS (Pension) Rules 1972 and CCS(Commutation of Pension) Rules, 1981 which are not specifically modified by these orders, will remain unaffected.

Paragraphs 5.1.2 to 5.1.4 of 6th CPC also says that the term pension is not specifically defined...(Rproduced)

5.1.2 The Commission, therefore, had to consider pension and other related issues of all the Central Government employees except those covered under the New Pension Scheme which extends to all the Central Government employees, except those belonging to Defence Forces, as had joined the Government on or before January 1, 2004.

5.1.3 Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules, 1972 regulate pension of Central Government employees appointed on or before December 31, 2003. The employees of Union Territory Administrations and civilian Government employees in the defence services borne on pensionable establishments are also covered by these rules. The term pension is not specifically defined under these Rules. The Supreme Court in the famous judgment of D. S. Nakara Vs. Union of India (AIR 1983, SC 130) had observed that pension is a payment for past services rendered.

5.1.4 The Commission deliberated all the issues relating to pension very carefully because the fate of a large number of pensioners (38.41 lakhs as of 2006) depends on this issue. To get a clear perspective, details of the existing Central Government pensioners who would be affected by the pension and other benefits. [ Railways-10.18 lakhs, Posts-1.58 lakhs, Defence-19.40lakhs, Telecom-1.42 lakhs and Civil-5.83 lakhs = 38.41 lakhs ]

Our leaders have been fighting court cases with LIC Management and GOI, MOF for over a decade for 100% DR and updation of pension. Banks' pensioners have also been denied both. RBI pensioners have succeeded in getting 100%. They may like to fight for what is rightfully due to them.

SN ( a 1992 Pensioner )

Subbu's comments

10 Oct 15, 10:13 AM

subbu: Editor Sir ! Where did u get my photo !!! I could not have been more beautiful ! Editor Sir ! you have edited my comment on 
the first line. But let me hasten to add, that after editing, it looks more apt. But after four and half decades, i have progressed a lot from double zero to triple zero. (aao to sdm) My sincere thanks to you. Grand Job.

YES Sir !

9 Oct 15, 08:18 PM

subbu:  I do remember an incident in 1970s, when I was a double zero! The manager sent me to the lawyer since the case that was entrusted to him was on the final hearing day next day. I waited for the lawyer for two hours till he finished talking to other clients. Last came my turn. I told him I am from LIC. Oh! He said: continued: Do not worry. I shall get an adjournment tomorrow. 

But before the next hearing, ask your mgr who usually discusses with me either to send another officer who can explain the case fully to me, or ask him to find some other  lawyer. I cannot be wasting my precious time, you know. Of course, you all pay me well. But I cannot just be blinking before the Judges. I hope u understand. ." Yes Sir", I said what I used to say. 

Friday, October 9, 2015

Time Pass 


The King and the soothsayer

In medieval India there was a famous King.  In his country there was a soothsayer cum astrologer known as Dharmi, who used to predict the future and tell remedies and parikarams (remedial rituals) for the afflicted and ailing people.   He was an ardent Bhaktha of Durgamatha.   People used to flock towards him craving for his advice and best wishes. He became more famous than the King in that country.  One day the King sent his messengers and brought him to the Court.   The King ordered the soothsayer to predict his (King's) future and praise the Kingdom.  He refused and told the KIng that " my Matha wishes that I should help the really suffering and ailing poor and not the King.  The King was displeased and roared: "Dharmi, for disobeying the King, I can sentence you to death.   Today I am letting you off.  Tomorrow I am to test your soothsaying ability; you are actually cheating innocent people.   If you fail in the test you will be beheaded"

Dharmi was brought to the King's court the next day.  The King said in high tone in the presence of hundreds of people - " Dharmi, if you are a true astrologer and soothsayer, tell me whether the Bird in my hand is having its life or whether its life is gone ?"   "   If your prediction is wrong you will be beheaded.   This is my order." (The King was holding a small bird in his palm)

Dharmi was perplexed.   He understood that the King was playing a GAME.  He prayed his DurgaMatha for a moment and uttered - "Maharaj, it is all in your hand."   Many didn't understand the answer, the King too.  The King asked him to explain. 

He explained: Maharaj, if I say the bird is alive, you may crush its neck and show that it is dead;  and if I say the Bird is dead, you may allow the Bird to fly away.   Your real intention is to prove me wrong and to behead me.   That is why I expressed the reality that the Bird"s life is in your hand.  The whole audience applauded and shouted Dharmi ki Jai Ho".  The King had no option but to allow Dharmi to go.
1.   Anticipate the designs of your opponent and Act accordingly to reach your objective.
 2.   I am in search of a Dharmi who can predict when will I win the Case ?

(Courtesy: VS Rajamani)

Proper briefing

9 Oct 15, 11:43 AM

G.Krishna Prasad: A Legal counsel, however competent or reputed, cannot do much without proper briefing by his client. Our case managers should sit in camera and work it out before 'going to the press'. Outcome can be shared in Chronicle when it is safe to do so. No need to give 'ideas' to LIC!

Truth has its own rhythm

9 Oct 15, 07:33 AM

subbu: Karunakaran Sir (I would call U now boldly like this). I am literally scared. I just learnt our erstwhile bosses have already engaged the Piper and gave him instructions to throw all the rats into the sea. That Pied Pier is an obedient soul. I heard him saying :  Sir ! I know the rats. You don't worry." 

If U R right, then the "TRUTH" in what U say will shine by itself. One need not try to prove it. Yasya naisargiki Shobha thanna samskaram arhathi. Kaha Kalaam shashinor maashti kaushtubaha kena  rajyathe. That which is naturally beautiful needs no artificial illumination. Does anyone beautify the Moon or does any one need add colour to Kausthuba Rathna? 

So Truth must stand by itself. One needs no previous Case Laws to prove it. If I believe that what I do is correct, I need not be bothering myself about others who in my perception do wrong, or do such things which are not correct. Allow them to fall by the wayside.  

Incidentally, one of my acquaintances has applied for a very big post for which around 50 others have also applied. He said, If i am ok, and found to be ok, i shall be selected. I need not try in vain to portray others (whom I honestly do not know) to be not ok. For once, that is not my job also.

Truth is like that. U say what u want to say. Let it take care by itself. If it could not, it is no more Truth. Rithum (that means Sathyam) has its own rhythm. 

Thursday, October 8, 2015


Several mails / messages  are being shared  on the social media about the various pronouncements/ judgements of courts favouring pensioners, including   SUPREME COURT DECISION DATED 1.07.15 IN CIVIL APPEAL NO 1123 of 2015. Some of those who are advancing the mails are seeking answers as to why the Government/ IBA/ RBI / Bank managements etc. are not taking action  in terms of these judgements which are  also favourable to the bank pensioners. Some others  feel that such pro-pensioners  judgements,  once brought to the notice of the managements,  are bound to result in action favourable to pensioners. We wish it were so!
Needless to say, in our system, judicial decisions pronounced even by the apex court are made applicable to only those who approach the court for remedy. Executive-Central/ State governments/ and others  that fall into the meaning of  'state' as defined by courts- never issues remedial executive orders for implementation to  such 'others' (wronged  persons/ institutions etc.) although the 'others' may be  suffering the same unfairness or discrimination. The various supreme  court  judgements - right from Nakara's  case in 1982 to  the present   DECISION DATED 1.07.15 IN CIVIL APPEAL NO 1123 , can only  be used as supportive citations, in case, someone amongst the Bank Pensioners moves the court, the possibility of which in RBI seems remote. In this regard,  a suitable response has been given by AIBRF in their post dated 11-9-15
 It is evident in the above  case that Supreme court has decided the correct interpretation of updation formula given in 6th Pay Commission ; whereas,  RBI retirees pension is based on RBI pension regulations 1990 and PSBs pension is based on Pension Regulations 0f 1995. It is a part of history that none of these regulations contain a specific regulation  regarding 'updation of pension with every wage revision.' Even LIC's Pension regulations / rules do not contain such a regulation. How the framers of the regulations omitted such a vital regulation at the time of introduction of pension is inexplicable, whatever may have been the circumstances.  AIBRF claims in their post dated 11-09-2015 that  "updation clause was the part of settlement of 1993 as well as part of the details worked out by the sub-committee. However, the updation clause did not find any mention or place in the Pension Regulations 0f 1995 and were dropped from the regulations on the objection taken by the government.(may be  as it did not exist in RBI pension regulations 1990)."  
Some veterans often quote RBI's circular issued after the introduction of the scheme in 1990 that assures the pension optees that as per the scheme the pension would be updated on every wage revision. A reference is also  cited to  Regulation 5(2) of RBI pension regulations which - as per legal opinion (yet to be tested)- enables  the Bank to grant pension updation of its own. But, here we should not overlook the fact that reliance on bank's circular or Regulation 5(2) would have become redundant had  there been a specific regulation  regarding updation of pension.
Those who opt for legal recourse should not pass over or evade the historical fact. Moreover, Supreme Court Bar Associations offer relates to OROP and to derive that the offer is extendable to bank retirees seems far fetched.

(Courtesy: By wdtom all india rbi oers pensioners forum)




6 Oct 15, 10:31 PM

subbu: How long will u be bathing in River Ganga !! Someone is shouting: Ram teri ganga maili ho gayi. uto. jaldi bahar aavo. kuch kaho to bhi sach kaho. yahi ganga maa ka aadhesh hai. 

सांच बराबर तप नहीं, झूठ बराबर पाप । जा के हिरदै No virtue (self-discipline) is higher than the truth. No vice (wrong deed) is worse than the untruth. In the truthful heart, सांच है, ता के हिरदै आप ॥" 

And that U, the Ultimate Reality could be in form as seen in many Avatharas of Govindha. He was Narasimha, the aggressive, Sridhara the assertive, and equally Krishna, who started as the playful child, but showed his VISWAROOPAM to demonstrate that ultimately righteousness wins.

Laali mere laal ki , jitha dekhoo thiha laal. laali dekhan main gayee, main bhi ho gayi laal. says Kabir. When One searches for Ultimate Truth, he becomes Truth Itself. 

Adhi Sankara in his BHAJ GOVINDHAM said: Bhagavath Geetha kinchith adeetha, ganga jal lava kanika peetha. sakruthenapi ena murari samarcha, kriyathe thasya yamena na charcha. that means: when a little of Geetha is recited, a little of Ganga water is drunk, at least once you discuss regarding Murari , one need not be afraid of Yama, the God of Death. 

You must be knowing that Murari is different. I know no other Murari . It appears U R talking of sother Murari? If your answer is S, pl inf which batch he belongs to . My Murari is 8th Batch, starting from Matsya, koorma, varaha, narasimha, vamana, sridhara, Rama and then Kanha Krishna .!!! Hare Krishna Hare Krishna !!

Someone from Tiruchy chides me to say as to why I bring in people who do not even belong to pre-1997 group? The present tussle is between pre-97 and post-97 pensioners. What ? I asked him in pure innocence. He says, pension records are supposed to keep track from 1986 only. The earlier ones are not even eligible for family pension even if they be alive. OK, i said, but where did I refer ?

What? u r suffering from selective amnesia I think. Did you not say Matsya, koorma, varaha etc. ? Pension starts from Narasimha only. Upto Sridhara is pre-97 group. The latter of course is post 97. Understand this before 18th Nov." Saying this he kept the phone in a thunder.

RKV Sir ! Thank U. You need not be apologetic for providing old wine in a new bottle. Wine is wine. Even an old bottle is enough. In these days of USE AND THROW who care of containers? But one thing RKV sir ! Pour the entire thing. Dont say only 20%.


Posted: 07 Oct 2015 01:10 AM PDT
According to medical scheme for retirees last date for giving consent to this scheme was 25th Oct. 2015, as the scheme will be operational from 1st Nov. 2015. Now IBA has advised banks to allow three months grace period for joining the scheme, to such retirees who could not give consent by stipulated date. The request of the retirees may be considered in exceptional circumstances , to the satisfaction of concerned bank.


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A response to A.S.Ramanathan's invitation‏

This refers to Shri A.S.Ramanathan’s invitation 
to the pensioner’s fraternity to contribute some points 
relating to our case in order to fill up gaps on his 
ideas and also to express their opinion regarding 
this ongoing litigation. In response to ASR’s request 
I have the following observation to make :

LIC was not gracious enough to concede the legitimate and lawful demands of the pensioners. The most glaring instant case relates to the removal of the DR anomaly of the pre 1997 retirees. CWP 6676/1998 OF SHRI Asthana is a separate writ and not clubbed with his the other CWP 654/2007 for upgradation of pension. When both the writs were admitted in the Rajasthan HC LIC should have gracefully implemented removal of DR anomaly and appealed only on the second writ.LIC always been indirectly pleading their inability to do so without CG clearance.

As to the pension upgradation awaiting SC adjudication there has been enough case laws to support the pensioners demand. It has been made clear that pension is not a bounty and if the pension scheme is not a new one and one already in existence the pension cannot remain static but should be revised as and when there is a wage revision. As far as LIC is concerned the affordability or financial viability does not arise as it already had the blessings of the Board’s resolution and it was never a point of argument in any of the court proceedings.. But should it rear its head now we can rebut it with necessary statistics in our favor.

SC order in case NO Appeal ( Civil ) NO 1289/2007 in para 25 says : “ revision of scales of pay as also other allowances is technical in nature, when a benefit is extended to a group of employees the effect of such benefit, if otherwise comes within the purview thereof must be held to be applicable to other groups of employees “. In MC Jain case although the order passed by the Rajasthan HC said that the Petitioner is entitled to revised pay scales as at 01-08-1992 as per notification dated 18-07-1996 and the Chairman has committed orally that he will be implementing the court order in respect of 83 similarly placed retirees nothing happened and the corporation’s inaction is a gross injustice and only shows that what they should do they don’t want to do deliberately.

SC order d/ 7-5-2015 in CA 8959-62/13 1 says “ If any amount that has been deposited before the HC pursuant to the order passed by this court 20 % of the same shall be released in favor of LIC so that CA 8959-62/13 3 it can pay to the concerned employees “ Shall we interpret the word employees as those who are not petitioners also ?

I made a vein attempt to recollect what I have understood so far and what I have written may sound as old wine in new bottle and should it be so the reader may please bear the inconvenience.




6 Oct 15, 06:38 PM

subbu: ओ गंगा तुम ओ गंगा बहती हो क्यूँ? नैतिकता नष्ट हुई, मानवता भ्रष्ट हुई निर्लज्ज भाव से बहती हो क्यूँ? इतिहास की पुकार, करे हुंकार ओ गंगा की धार निर्बल जन को सबल-संग्रामी, समग्रोगामी बनाती नहीं हो क्यूँ

Seeing the Ganga Dip, I was reminded of Bhupen Hazarika song. That is it. 
kuch kaho to bhi sach kaho. 
yahi ganga maa ka aadhesh hai

How long will u be bathing in River Ganga !! Someone is shouting: Ram teri ganga maili ho gayi. uto. jaldi bahar aavo. kuch kaho to bhi sach kaho. yahi ganga maa ka aadhesh hai

                          TWO-IN-ONE FORMULA

6 Oct 15, 04:47 PM

subbu: T. Lakshminarayan Sir ! That two-in-one formula never works in the virtual real world

to the satisfaction of all. Either u have idli. Or dosai. Some combine both and prepare what they call Oothappam. 

Same way, u worship Shiva or you worship Narayana ! Some combine both and say they worship SankaraNarayana. In fact, I saw in my Audit days at a Temple , it is Harihar i think, the idol itself is Shiv from this side and Narayana the other half. Archana in vilvam this side, and thulasi the other side. They say we cater to the needs of all. But, here what exactly your grouse? 

T Lakshminarayanan Sir ! "presently attempted" !! U feel that the 20% interim relief is worked out on this two in one formula ? Pl be kind enough to enlighten this tube light. 


6 Oct 15, 01:09 PM

sudhakaran: ASR, forget about Nakara, whether basic pension in our case is not fixed based on the average contribution made in the last ten months of service?

Subbu: sudhakaran Sir ! It is 10 months.No doubt. But while checking I landed upon section 42 under chapter IX. Which says: FUTURE GOOD CONDUCT SHALL BE AN IMPLIED CONDITION OF EVERY GRANT OF PENSION AND ITS  CONTINUANCE .

i am scared . Further Sections also stipulate action u/s 39. To be honest, only after nearly 15 years  I am seeing this portion of these pension rules which speak of good conduct. 


Tuesday, October 6, 2015


B.R.Mehta: Let us see what Sh. KML has to say about second report of MSM on supreme court proceedings dated 3oth September. He may take his own time to consult his full time supreme court lawyer and his friend RKS.



This has reference to Sri A.S. Ramanathan's post. I am giving my views on the subject:

1. DR discrimination to pre-August 97 pensioners to be removed first by changing the DR rates as 0.67% and 0.35% w.e.f from 1-8-97 and DR worked-out at revised rates as on 1-8-97. Only when this is done, pre-Aug.97 pensioners will be placed on par with post-Aug.97 ones in so far as DR is concerned.

2. After doing the above first, pension updation to be done benefiting all groups of pensioners uniformly.

3. Two-in-one formula presently attempted will not be in the best interests of pre-August 97 pensioners.

T Lakshminarayanan

Contradictory approaches - how do they serve the Pensioners.

5 Oct 15, 11:59 PM B.D.Bhargava: My dear Subbu,it was nice to read your comments, but you have not touched the point I have raised. So big 
contradictory approaches how do they serve the Pensioners ?

BD Bhargava Sir ! You addressed me my dear subbu . For me u r amongst the dearest. Let me tell u, there is a gem sloka from SUBHA****HANI: Kaka: krushna: pika: krushna: Ko bheda: pikakakayo: Vasantha kale samprapte Kaka: kaka: pika: pika: Crow is black, koyal(a black, melodiously singing bird) is black. What is the difference between them? When the spring(season) sets in We know(distinguishing features in their voices (in the type of sounds they make).

Likewise, BD Bhargawa Sir ! I said what I know. When time comes for us to KNOW, we know. Till then we either run away from knowing, or we pretend knowing, we say something thinking that we are knowing.I do not want to commit that sin.(having done already enough at the training centres).Now let us wait for really serious people, who know that they know and who can also make others know what they know. Some of us who do not know that we do not know, pretending that we know, blurt and later blink when Truth springs.

  • Oh! you see here: Srinivasamurthy sir, coming like Lord Narayana demolishing the pillars of Untruth. I am a Prahaladha just trained to chant names: Srinivasa Govindha. Sridhara Govindha. Venkatesa Govindha. The Name of Govindha is only real and chanting that name will only forth greater enlightenment, greater clarification for the troubled mind.

Now let me reveal my mind a little. Having heard a good number of my colleagues, from AAO to SDM (all pre 1997) , I realised that even if 100 per cent was granted, they would be getting another 1000 more. possibly 1200 for some p.m. Is that going to relieve us from what ails us ? I do not mean the physical discomforts. The discomfort or the dissatisfaction is somewhere else. Not that I am against the people who genuinely fight for a reasonable cause. It is just no doubt.

Secondly, whether I understand the case or the arguments of all the sides fully or not, I feel honestly that it is sufficient that the person who is to receive, analyse and decide the case understands it. Let us all pray Lord to bestow on him the patience he needs , the type of pateince one needs facing a psunami. Let us wait for the D date. Till then Hare Krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare. Hare Rama Hare Rama , rama rama hare hare.. Before you start beating me, let me beat a retreat.

BD Bhargava Sir ! I am sorry I forgot to answer your principal question. It is HOW DO THEY SERVE THE PENSIONERS? During my audit period, in 80s, I happened to eat in hundreds of hotels. In some, the stuff was good, but the serving was bad. while in others, the stuff was bad but the serving was good. It is for us, consumers, to choose the right hotel.

Situation out of control !


Monday, October 5, 2015

M Sreenivasa Murty

For Mr BD Bhargava & Others who share his justifiable disgust (He was my one time Boss – I was reporting to him from Fiji)

1.     Final Hearing of our cases resumed on 30 Sept.
2.     LIC engaged Solicitor General of India. He was there and also not there.
3.     Arguments took place for about 90 minutes somewhat informally.
4.     Two Sr Advocates placed the case of the Jaipur Petitioners before the Bench.
5.     On three points briefly touched by Mr Nidhesh Gupta, (one of the Sr Counsel), Justice Misra, indicated his disagreement, (as I noticed but Mr Asthana thinks otherwise).   
6.     Mr Nidhesh Gupta then told the Bench that he is going to argue his case under Art 14 of the Constitution of India etc.,
7.     Judge appeared to be positively inclined to pension up-gradation from the way in which he briefly set the course to LIC to argue.
8.     Adjourned to 18 Nov 2015, to be on top of the part-heard cases that day.
9.     A long way to go but we are in control, for sure.