Monday, March 25, 2013


 I am waiting to hear from Southern Zonal 

Office that my pension, mediclaim, 

whatever will hereafter be serviced 

by OS/Pension Dept. of Chennai D O 1 

located in LIC Building on Mount Road, 


Such transfers take place among the four Mumbai City and the three Delhi City and the two Kolkata City DOs every time, all the time, depending solely on the convenience of the pensioner and based on his written request.
If in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata, why not in Chennai - the fourth metropolis - too, please?  Isn't discrimination patently practised here also in the meting out of different kinds of treatment to the same set of people, viz., retirees, under similar circumstances - one kind in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata and another kind in Chennai?Click "Read more'below.

     Before dividing/allotting pensioners in 2010 between/to the two D Os in Chennai (1 & 2), was a survey conducted to determine who would want to be with DO 1 and who with D O 2?
     Was the convenience of the pensioners --- for whom the whole exercise of transferring files of those who retired from D O 2 to that D O from D O 1 was undertaken --- ever thought of, let alone given due weightage?
     Were the opinions of those affected and their organizations ascertained and given the consideration they deserve for the decision to be equitable, fair, just, informed, meaningful and acceptable ? 
     Isn't it conceivable that if such a survey were conducted, 50% would opt for D O 1 and 50% for D O 2, give or take a few?
Wasn't the decision to attach those who retired from Chennai D O 2 to that D O and those who retired from Chennai D O 1 to that office without any regard to their convenience, without so much as a by-your-leave, and in utter disregard of the fact that they are at the fag end of their lives, arbitrary?  
Isn't it an established truism that anything arbitrary is unconstitutional?